Workshops & Schedule

Our new weekly schedule and workshops make it easy for you to plan lots of hair treats throughout the year.
All workshops are late night, the second Thursday of every month.  



Halo Hair Workshop

Thursday 9th of February at 6.45pm

This workshop is perfect if you're considering getting one of our halo's or already own one and are looking for styling tips. Come and join us for an hour of halo extension tips and tricks.

If you choose to purchase a halo on the night or in a future booking, the workshop cost will be deducted from your halo price.

Limited to 20 people | Cost: £15.00

DIY Prom Hair.png

DIY Prom Hair

Thursday 10th of March at 6.45pm

For those who are wanting to do their own prom hair this prom season, but are looking for some insider tips and tricks on how to make it hold, what styles are "in" for 2016, and how to get the perfect curl, this workshop is for you.

Limited to 20 people | Cost: £15.00

Curls and Waves.png

Curls and Waves

Thursday 14th of April at 6.45pm

If you've always been envious of those who can pick up GHDs and produce perfect curls, or want to know the Victoria's Secret trick to perfectly wanded hair, you'll love our workshop.

Limited to 20 people | Cost: £15.00