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You will need a valid credit card to verify that you are genuine. You only need to do this once. 
If you call or walk-in, we'll ask for the same thing. There's no way around it - this is to stop abuse of the online system and reduce no-show appointments. 


If you can’t get a specific appointment with your chosen stylist, please click here to access the general appointment books for all stylists.

Please ensure you are already registered with card details to use this option above, if not, click “verify with card details” above first.



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First time to Blushbar?

If you've never been to us before, you might like to have a read through of questions people often have for us.


Our Updo's are flat-fee at £40.00. You can add plaits/braids, half-up-half-down styles to your regular blow dry service for an additional £5.00

10 minute rule

We hate rules. We have only two. Cancel within 24 hours and we can only accommodate you if you're less than 10 minutes late, otherwise you impact another guest's appointment. We're very strict on this - no exceptions. 


It's imperative you book the correct appointment. We cannot service you in a regular 45 minute slot and it might result in you being turned away on the day. Please select "Long Hair or Extensions Blow Dry" from the service menu.

Boring Notice Alert

Our appointments late Friday and afternoons on a Saturday always can be filled, but recently an overwhelming amount of people have been booking and then cancelling them last minute - which leaves gaps for no good reason.


You now need a valid credit card to book an appointment at Blushbar. There is no way around this - if you phone us, we will just ask for the same thing over the phone. There's been a large number of people not turning up for appointments recently, when our appointments can always be filled on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday. We can't operate like that.


We use your credit card information to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you're genuine.
You'll only be charged if you fail to turn up to your appointment on the day, thus blocking us being able to sell your appointment.
You can cancel up to 48 hours before your appointment, for any reason. 
If you're genuine - you'll have no issue with this procedure.

Thanks all! 

- Blushbar