Lauren's Hair Extension Makeover

Before and After

Before and After

Lauren came to us knowing that she wanted hair extensions to bulk out her shorter hair style. After an initial consultation Lauren went on holiday, we agreed we would complete her colour once she returned from holiday, so that we could accurately match the new bond colours and ensure vibrancy of colour throughout. We put 100 bonds in Lauren's hair, using three different colours to achieve a natural blend. We halved some bonds and fused them together in Caramel and blonde colours to give a subtle lift of colour throughout, while creating a base of her gorgeous chocolate brown colour. 

Lauren didn't want her extensions "too long" so we kept them at the length most ladies like if they are a fan of curling their hair - just sitting above boob level. This ensures that when you curl your hair, you still have volumous bounce and when you leave it to dry naturally, it's still long and thick enough to cover any gaps between your natural hair and the hair extension. 

With regular maintenance and checkups at Blushbar, Lauren can expect her extensions to last anywhere between 4-6 months. 

If you've been thinking of having hair extensions, our hair extension consultations are free. We're happy to chat to you about all the different types and the pitfalls and advantages of each. Swing by and have a coffee with us to discuss yours. 

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