Davines - a new found love.

As many of you know, I travel a lot for work and there's nothing I love more than walking into American beauty boutiques like Sephora or Ulta and asking the sales reps what their favourite hair products are. 

The sales reps are heavily on a store-wide commission in the States, which means they are not tied to any particular brand, so they tend to sway towards the products that truly work so they gain your repeat business. It works exceptionally differently to the UK, we would never find service like that in the likes of Boots or Superdrug; we would never have a named rep with whom we gain a rapport and discuss our hair woes with. Working this way, means they get a fascinating insight into not only the best products, but the products the customers are coming back in and buying again and again (which means repeat, easy commission for them). 

I walked into a well-known store in Soho, New York and was greeted by a totally new haircare range. The packaging was striking to my graphic design eye and I picked up some bottles and did what I always do; turned the bottle over to read the ingredients. To my surprise, I didn't find the normal muck found in store-bought shampoos. As I was reading, a very enthusiastic sales rep came over and started raving to me about the range, eloquently called Davines. 

She explained to me that the range followed the slow-food movement, with many ingredients in the shampoo coming from Italian farms where the ingredients are grown by family-business farmers. The farm the ingredients come from, is even printed on the bottle. She explained that all the girls had been converted to their shampoo and won't touch anything else. My skeptical nature got the better of me, I thanked her for her time and went about doing some detective work. 

I spent an hour around the store, gradually getting to talk to each employee and bringing Davines up into the conversation. Each one was able to tell me the shampoo they used from the range, why and how much they instantly could tell the difference to other shampoos and conditioners they had used in the past. I looked at the price list and decided, it was worth a shot - as I love being able to bring back the latest in haircare, to Leigh-on-Sea.
n.b. We were the very first salon in the whole of the UK to be approved for Living Proof two years ago, however, the moment M&S got a contract for it - it went from being an exclusive range only previously sold in Space NK to a supermarket style brand. This wasn't going to cut it for us any more. 

The following morning, I was eager to use my new products (Love Shampoo and Conditioner as the sales rep said "it leaves your hair soft as butter") and see if they really did live up to the hype. Well, I can honestly say I was stunned - the sales reps were right, there was an instant difference straight out of the shower. My hair no longer felt knotty when trying to comb it through when damp, blow drying was a breeze and yep, my hair was indeed, soft as butter. The most noticeable difference was how the conditioner was a texture of almost putty, a super-thick consistency that didn't slide off my hair when my hair was damp in the shower, but clung to it instantly. The scent was pretty amazing too. 

Fast forward to now - we were able to contact Davines in the UK, who already have savvy salons and the British Hairdresser of the Year under their belt, and we were lucky that they decided to let us become part of the Davines family. We've just completed a two day switchover to be an entirely Davines salon - including colour. We're all totally sold and as always, it's not about what we can sell to you, because honestly, no salon in the world could sustain itself from product sales alone - it's about truly giving you honest advice for your hair type and gaining your trust that we truly just want you to have the most healthy, beautiful hair that you can have. 

We'll be sending everyone away with samples of the shampoo right through to New Year, because we know you won't believe us until you try it for yourselves. Pop in, anytime - and we'll give you a consultation on what would be best for your hair. You can also see a full breakdown on our website of what we use in the salon and what shampoo and conditioner is best for what purpose or contact us via Messenger on Facebook for an online consultation and we'll point you in the right direction. 

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Post written by Sarah