How we came to be...

First and foremost, we are locally owned and operated by Westcliff-raised Sarah Parmenter. Sarah has been busy working the last 10 years as a digital designer for her company You Know Who and won a global-based award in 2011 naming her as "Designer of the Year". Sarah has been lucky enough to travel with work a lot and became interested in American-based concepts that she could tweak to be more British and fun. Feeling our local town was missing out on "experiences" rather than services, Blushbar was born.

Blushbar is hailing back to the days of the old fashioned beauty parlour, when an older generation would get a "blow dry and set" for the week. We're a modern version of that, making blow drys as accessible as getting a manicure. Employing only the best blow driers (who also have to be fully qualified hairdressers - and not juniors at that!) we ensure we bring you the highest quality service coupled with an exceptional experience.

The experience of Blushbar is at our heart. We really want you to feel you're getting so much more than a blow dry and the confidence that comes from having a good hair day, we want it to be a social place; a place that you and your daughter, Mum or Nan can come to and enjoy together. Customer service is also paramount - unlike many British businesses, we have a "can-do" policy and understand things from a human perspective, not a computer.

In short, we'll take care of you and anyone you'd like to bring with you, ensuring you leave with fabulous hair and a spring in your step. We'll ensure your experience is consistent every time and if we fall down, in any area, please do call us out on it - we'll do everything in our power to make it right again.


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